Getting Started With Lennox® Solar Solutions is Easy .

You’ve made the decision to add a solar energy system. Now what? Thanks to our short list below, getting started with solar in Auburn is a breeze. But if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 530-885-8081.

Step 1: Call Forster Heating in Auburn for a consultation, or schedule one online. We’ll go through our detailed planning checklist to determine whether your home meets our SunSource® installation requirements.

Step 2: Determine whether your roof is big enough and gets enough sun. Each solar panel needs 15 square feet of surface area. Our experts can help you choose how many modules you will need or want for your home. Additionally, your roof needs to be relatively clear of shade from trees or other objects. Southern exposure is ideal, and our techs will perform tests to discover your monthly energy potential.

Step 3: Look into possible building restrictions. Some Auburn neighborhoods and Homeowner’s Associations may require you to submit your solar power installation plans ahead of time.

Step 4: Upgrade your internet service. You’ll need an internet connection that’s always on and combined with a broadband router to take advantage of the SunSource performance monitoring service.

Step 5: Find answers to all utility-related questions. Your professional from Forster Heating will check the grid power supplied by the utility company and test your home’s distribution panel to make sure you have all the necessary specifications. You may want to check with your utility company and see if a net-metering program is an option. Net-metering allows you to receive credit for extra electricity generated by your solar energy system. The utility company should also provide information on whether your solar products will qualify for rebates or incentives*.

There’s lots to do to prepare for a SunSource® Home Energy System, but once it’s installed you’ll love watching your utility bills decrease. Curious about how much you can save? Call Forster Heating at 530-885-8081 if you have any questions about getting started with solar.

*Note: Most rebates and incentives that make a solar energy system more affordable are only available when you’re system is grid-tied.